Maier Calof’s memoir, “Miracles of the Lives of Maier and Doba Calof,” now housed at Yad Vashem’s World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, Israel, traces the path of Maier and his family as they move from Steblev, Ukraine to the plains of North Dakota later settling in the cities of Winnipeg, Canada and Los Angeles, USA. The memoir is part of the dramatic, moving history of those early settlers to Ramsey County who went on to raise families, make their contributions to society, and pass their heritage on to their children and grandchildren.

We are so very happy and honored, as we feel would be Maier and Doba and their progeny, to have the film “Ingatherings: From out of Steblev” return home to North Dakota and be available for viewing on the website of Sons of Jacob. The film which has been donated to Yad Vashem’s Visual Center bears witness to how the small Sons of Jacob cemetery and the pioneers interred there have touched so many people literally around the globe. Prepared and submitted by Joanne and Daniel Yelenik, Beit Shemesh, Israel.