Hal Ettinger Obituary

The world lost a dearly loved soul, Hal Ettinger, on the evening of May 7, 2009. Hal passed away at home in Lawrence, KS, surrounded by family and friends.

He was born on Aug. 28, 1951, in Highland Park, IL. After receiving his degree at the University of New Mexico, Hal founded the RBE Company, an architectural firm noted for his commitment to honesty, ethics, and excellence. However, Hal’s life included much more than business. Hal lived a life marked by a sense of adventure, humor and compassion, exceeded only by his enormous love for his family and friends. Whether hiking in the Grand Canyon, bike riding throughout the country, or entertaining friends with his renowned homemade pizzas, Hal embraced everything the world offered. No one will ever forget his contagious full-body laughs.

Those dedicated to carrying on the memory of Hal include his wife Robin; daughters Rhea and Haley; son-in-law Jason; and sisters Dale and Judy; as well as a large extended family and countless friends. In lieu of donations or flowers, Hal’s loved ones request that people carry on his legacy of compassion. Be kind to one another. Thank you Hal, for the years of love and laughter.